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Summer Reading and Math Facts Help

Benchmark Question Stems

Benchmark Question Stems

Before you click on the link, determine your current Benchmark reading level first.  You can find your reading level in Fiction and Nonfiction on your report card or through ParentVue and StudentVue.  Once you've determined your reading level, open the Benchmark Question Stems through the link.  You're next Benchmark test will be the one above your current level.  Look at the topics listed as those will be on your test.  When you read a book, have someone ask you about the book using the questions listed there also.  Make sure that you are reading books that are appropriate to your grade level and the level of your next test.  The Long Beach Public Library has a list of appropriate grade level books.  Start with those.  Good luck.

Power Words

Power Words

Reading is divided into two parts:  decoding (being able to say the words you are reading) and comprehension (being able to understand the words you are reading).

One of the most important skill that helps with your comprehension is your fluency or speed in decoding.  Imagine if you read a story on a whole page for a test, but you stop often to "sound-out" words.  By the time you reach the bottom of the page, you will have a problem understanding what you just read.  Power Words account for up to seventy-five percent (75%) of anything you will read.  This means that if you master the Power Words, you will master up to 75% of the words in a book before you even open it.


How to use Power Words:

  1. Your objective is to decode the words.  You are not working on comprehension or understanding the word.
  2. As quickly as you can, read Power Words Set 1.  If you pause for more than one second to figure out or sound out a word, stop thinking and put a check in the check box next to the word and move on to the next word.
  3. If you pause for more than six (6) words, then Power Words Set 1 is your decoding level.
  4. Make flash cards of every word that has a check next to it.
  5. Practice saying the words using the flash cards until you master them.  Again, DO NOT figure or sound them out.  Just have someone tell you what it says and then say it over and over again.
  6. If you feel that you mastered them, retest yourself with Power Words Set 1.
  7. Only move to the next set if you pause for less than seven (7) of the words in a set.
  8. Repeat this process for Power Words Set 10.

Once you master Power Words Set 10, congratulations!  You can now read up to 75% of the words in any printed material (books, magazines, etc.) before you even open them.


Your next step after mastery is to simply go through each set and look up in a dictionary or Google any of the words you did not understand.  Good luck.

Math Facts Help

Math Facts No Answers

Math Facts With Answers

Please look at the proficient requirements for time and accuracy on the last page.

LBUSD Mathematics Resources

LBUSD Mathematics Family Resources

The Long Beach Unified School District Mathematics Department also put together a wonderful website with an incredible amount of resources for Mathematics.  Please go visit the page.  For Math Facts practice please look at the Activities section of the webpage.