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Elementary Music


The Hudson Elementary School vocal music program consists of general music lessons in grades Kindergarten through Fifth and an audition based Fourth- and Fifth-Grade chorus.  Ms. Montemer, the vocal music teacher, is assigned to Hudson on Mondays during the school year.

General Music, K-5th
Each class receives six general music lessons during the school year that focus on a Kodály and Orff based approach for learning music using the district adopted textbook series, The Music Connection.  In a developmentally appropriate manner, students learn the fundamentals of music reading, the elements of music, and music skills: singing, playing instruments, listening, moving, reading, and evaluating.  Students also learn cultural and historical contexts of the varied repertoire presented in the program.  

Chorus, 4th-5th
The Hudson Elementary School Chorus is an audition based group comprised of approximately 50-60 singers who meet on a weekly basis to rehearse for performances at two concerts during the school year.  During these rehearsals, the previous knowledge and skills learned from general music lessons is expanded with a focus on independent singing, posture, vocal technique, two-part harmony, ensemble blending, conducting gesture knowledge, musicianship, and performance etiquette.  Auditions occur at the beginning of each school year.