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Hudson Homework Policy

Homework is an integral part of the learning process and an essential component of the home-school partnership necessary for student academic achievement.  As an important extension of school instruction and learning, it provides an opportunity for practice, review, reinforcement, completion, preparation, make-up and enrichment.

Amount of Time

Hudson students can expect an average of thirty minutes of homework per night in each academic subject, which translates to two hours per night and ten hours per week.  Individual pupil characteristics, however, may reduce or extend time spent on homework.  Either too much or too little homework is cause for parent-teacher communication.  In addition, certain course work (IROK/GATE/EXCEL, Algebra, etc.) may increase a student’s homework load.  It is also recommended that pupils participate in silent, sustained “pleasure reading” on a daily basis above and beyond the two hours of homework for a minimum of 20 minutes everyday, including weekends.

Parental Involvement and Access to Support

It is expected that parents will serve as contributing resources.  Their main role is to provide guidance and assistance in helping students understand assignments, make suggestions as necessary, and monitor completion of assignments in a timely manner.  Students should be encouraged to complete homework as independently as possible.  In other words, parents are expected to “help with,” not “do” homework assignments.  Parents are informed of individual teachers’ homework requirements and policies, at Back to School Night and through published handouts.  In addition, parents are informed of requirements through phone contacts, conferences, mailings, School Loop (middle school students only), and the Hudson Newsletter.

Parents and students can contact the Homework Help Hotline (437-2859) to receive assistance with homework assignments on a daily basis.  Students are expected to list daily homework assignments in their Student Planner.  Homework assignment “reminders” are written by teachers on classroom boards across the school.  Parents are asked to expect, read, sign, and return grade printouts from teachers.  Students are also encouraged to identify “homework buddies” whom they can call after school for discussion and clarification regarding homework assignments.  Homework help opportunities will be publicized to both students and parents.  The library will be open before school and at recess for students who desire to complete homework, to study, and to provide access to research materials.  In addition, students will regularly visit the school library with classes during the school day.  To the extent possible, teachers will communicate with colleagues on staff to stagger major projects and project deadlines.  If all homework assignments have been completed, students need to read for one hour and write a short summary of what they read.

Makeup Work

Students who are absent, regardless of the cause, shall be given a reasonable opportunity to complete missed assignments, including homework.  A reasonable make-up schedule, viewed as the number of days of absence, shall be given to make-up the work (i.e. two days of absence results in two days to complete work, including homework assignments).

Viewpoint of LBUSD

LBUSD recognizes that homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline, and life-long learning habits.  Time spent on homework directly influences students’ ability to meet the district’s academic standards.  The Board expects students, parent/guardians and staff to view homework as a routine and important part of students’ daily lives.