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Mrs. Elizabeth Hudson

Elizabeth Hudson
Elizabeth Hudson Yearbook Dedication

Photos courtesy of Doyle Flock and Paul Prosise (MillikanAlumni Webmaster)

Elizabeth Hudson: An Icon in LBUSD

She was:

  • A member of the Long Beach School Board for 22 years. 
  • President of the Board six times (the second woman to serve as president in the Board’s 69 years of existence) and Vice President two times (1948, 1949). 
  • Involved in many civic organizations and cultural life in Long Beach and the state of California. 
  • Instrumental in helping to plan the facility of Tucker Elementary School for handicapped children. 
  • The President of the California School Boards Association in 1954 and from 1957-1959. 
  • Constantly involved in helping children in the Long Beach area and fought to maintain high standards in education during a difficult post-war period and rapid expansion in the community. 
  • The first Vice President of the California School Trustees Association.
  • A member of the L.A. County School Trustees - Association.
  • A teacher in Long Beach for 10 years. 
  • Held an honorary membership in Delta Kappa Gamma, an honor scholastic society. 
  • President of Ebell of Long Beach (1943, 1944).
  • Organizational President of the American Association for Childhood Education. 
  • The first president of the Long Beach branch of the Women’s Committee for the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra. 
  • In attendance at a national meeting to study procedures for setting up an educational advisory committee for President Eisenhower. 
  • Chairman of the Long Beach Chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and on its executive board for 17 years. 
  • President of the Long Beach Chapter of the United Nations Association. 
  • Active in the P.T.A. 
  • The wife of Gail C. Hudson, optometrist.
  • A mother of two.